Tips to Increase Employee Productivity

A skilled human resources professional, Jeffrey Quade has proven his expertise in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, performance management, and executive recruitment and staffing. Currently the vice president of human resources for Community Intervention Services, Jeffrey Quade also helps to develop initiatives that impact profits and productivity.

Since productivity is an essential part of a fast-paced business, savvy executives often seek new ways to motivate employees, such as the following:

– Be inclusive. Instead of focusing solely on management and other upper-level employees, motivate employees at all levels. At the same time, do not simply create meaningless handouts. Clearly defined guidelines tied to revenue or another measurable metric will provide employees a path to success.

– Be flexible. While an employee who sits at his or her desk for an entire shift will be productive, it may create mental fatigue and disengaged work. Allowing employees to work from home part-time, if possible, or simply budgeting for small celebrations can create a more engaged and productive workplace.

– Recognize success. Managers should not only work toward their own set of goals, but upper-level staff should recognize the achievements of all of their staff members. Employees who feel respected are also more likely to do better work.

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RetailMeNot Saves Consumers Money

Jeffrey J. Quade has more than 20 years’ experience managing the human resources divisions of large and mid-sized enterprises. Over the course of his career, Jeff J. Quade has gained proficiency in several key areas, including mergers and acquisitions, business analysis and operations, performance management, senior team development, and human resources information systems. Jeffrey Quade most recently held the position of Vice President for Human Resources at RetailMeNot, Inc.

RetailMeNot is the leading online coupon and deal company in North America as well as France, the United Kingdom. The firm changed its corporate name to RetailMeNot in the spring of 2013.

In 2013, more than half-a-billion consumers worldwide visited RetailMeNot in search of money-saving deals and coupons. Its online savings opportunities run the gamut of consumer products and services, including clothing at such trendy firms as Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy, and Aeropostale, and household items at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Kohls. RetailMeNot also offers discounted air travel, and accessories from such stores as Vera Bradley, Coach, and Lids. Other product categories in which RetailMeNot partners with major retailers include baby products, beauty products, and automotive products.

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A Brief Overview of the Organization WorldatWork

With a career marked by the successful mergers and acquisitions of more than 20 businesses, Jeffrey J. Quade has served as Vice President of Human Resources in the Fortune 500 as well as start ups.A human resources expert with a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology, Jeff J. Quade works to improve a business’ efficiency and renew its culture. A member of organizations like the Society for Human Resources and World at Work,Jeff J. Quade is constantly learning about his profession.

Since its founding in 1955, WorldatWork has been dedicated to advancing the knowledge and careers of human resources professionals, while having a positive impact on their workforces. Today, WorldatWork boasts almost 65,000 members in more than 100 countries and continues to grow; 95 percent of Fortune 5000 companies count a member of the organization in their ranks. In addition to its research efforts, WorldatWork also offers a certification program in six areas of interest, including compensation, work life, and global rewards. Certification from the organization can help individuals master their specialties while expanding their professional networks and learning new skills.

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Defining Business Efficiency

Committed to improving workplace efficiency and client satisfaction through measurable goal attainment, Jeff Quade has served as the Vice President of Human Resources for companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to start ups.Through careful planning and execution, Jeff Quade has managed efforts resulting in not only revenue and margin increases, but increased sales volume as well. As experienced human resources professionals like Jeffrey Quade know, until underlying operational inefficiencies are addressed, a business’ growth is ultimately unsustainable.

The first and perhaps most essential step to addressing inefficiency is to define it for the business in question. Although most businesses want to increase efficiency by maximizing profits and decreasing expenditures and losses, such methods may not always be the most appropriate. For example, if a profitable business has hit a plateau, efficiency could be measured in terms of employee performance against established benchmarks. The importance of not only establishing, but also communicating these goals with clarity manifests itself in the case of employees who do not achieve their full potential because of a lack of awareness of what is expected of them or how efficiency is being measured.

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Workplace Conflict Resolution

With a master’s degree in industrial and organization psychology, Jeff J. Quade serves as vice president of human resources at WhaleShark Media. Additionally, Jeffrey Quade’s more than 20 years of experience has prepared him well to achieve favorable and measurable outcomes for difficult problems. A human resources professional, Jeff J. Quade knows there are several ways to ensure that staff members understand problem areas and can overcome them.


The first, and perhaps most important, step when dealing with conflict in the workplace is to confront it. Problems rarely solve themselves. If the problem is due to interpersonal conflict, speaking with all parties at the same time can help diffuse the situation. This demonstrates that the human resources executive is not favoring one position over the other. However, conflict requires all parties to be proactive in working towards a resolution. Simply letting the issue recur will only lead to the same conversation and, perhaps, greater disruptions. Sometimes disciplinary action up to and including dismissal is necessary.

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Managing the Merger and Acquisition Process

Jeff J. Quade, the vice president of human resources at WhaleShark Media, maintains expertise in areas as diverse as cost containment and succession planning and retention. With a passion for creative strategic initiatives, Jeff J. Quade also works to lead businesses through transitional periods such as mergers and acquisitions. With more than two decades of commitment to operational excellence, Jeffrey J. Quade knows there are several ways in which human resources executives can facilitate a smooth merger and acquisition process for the business as a whole.

One of the first steps to making the merger and acquisition process less disruptive and stressful is to research the two (or more) systems that will be combining. Not only does research aid in developing a plan for how best to integrate the systems, but it also helps in anticipating questions that may come from staff members about the process. Plan for how best to communicate the benchmarks of the process and how to train employees for the new system before, during, and after the merger and acquisition. Finally, a successful human resources executive is not afraid to fine-tune the plan as necessary.

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Crafting a Good Reward and Compensation System

Currently vice president of human resources at WhaleShark Media, Jeff J. Quade earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial psychology from the University of Wisconsin and a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from Western Kentucky University. With more than 20 years of work experience, Jeff Quade has gained expertise in crafting and implementing relevant and effective human resource functions. One function Jeffrey J. Quade finds key to the human resources process is a well-thought-out compensation and reward system.

Although two major components of a compensation and reward system, compensation and benefits, are important, they are not the only factors to consider when creating the system. Rewarding behavior and achievements with recognition and appreciation can be extremely beneficial for both the employee and the business as a whole. Recognition and appreciation can be as simple as stopping by the employee’s desk and sharing a quick word of thanks or encouragement, or it can be as involved as giving an award to the employee in front of his or her peers. With all four elements in mind—compensation, benefits, recognition, and appreciation—executives can build a solid and rewarding system for their businesses.

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