Mergers and Acquisitions FAQ

In my career as a Human Resources Executive, I frequently deal with top-level strategic situations, including planning mergers and acquisitions and recruiting executives to continue a company’s prosperity. Many peers in parallel fields often ask me what mergers and acquisitions entail, so I have answered common questions below.

Q: Are there different types of M&As?
Jeff Quade: Yes. Two types occur most frequently. In a “sell-side” deal, a company says, “We want to sell our business.” Sometimes these companies have a buyer in mind; other times, they need help selecting the best possible choice.

Q: What is the second type of deal?
Quade: With a “buy-side” deal, a company expresses interest in buying another company. Again, they might have a purchase in mind, or they might want help finding the best value for their investment.

Q: How does the process work?
Quade: It usually works in one of two ways. A buyer or seller might pitch to other companies, evaluating each, often resulting in an auction. In an instance where the buyer or seller has a target in mind, they might instead accept other offers, but focus on that one ideal target.


About jeffquade

Human resources expert Jeff Quade possesses over 20 years of international executive experience. Working closely with the CEO of LGE Execs as an Organizational Effectiveness Practice Leader, Jeff Quade was instrumental in helping clients increase their effectiveness through organizational restructuring. LGE (Leadership-Growth-Excellence)’s Organization Effectiveness Practice concentrates its efforts in four disciplines: human resources function excellence, senior team effectiveness, change of leadership facilitation, and mergers and acquisitions. The company effects international change from Europe, Asia, and the United States. Throughout his career, Jeffrey Quade has played a vital role in the acquisition of various companies in the diverse areas of business ranging from corporations worth over $700 million dollars to smaller, start-up organizations. He helped a company grow over 25 percent while revamping another’s organizational culture, doubling its earnings. While based in Austin, Texas, Mr. Quade worked in executive leadership positions for Dell Inc., GE Industrial Systems, NetSolve, Inc., Cornerstone Healthcare Group, and HealthTronics, Inc. As Vice President of Human Resources at NetSolve, Jeff Quade paved the way for the company’s acquisition by Cisco Systems, Inc. He also spent time in Durham, North Carolina, in the upper echelons of management for Bell & Howell. Drawing upon the skills he obtained as an entrepreneur and executive with Fortune 500 companies, Jeff Quade assists organizations undergoing high levels of change to survive not only intact, but stronger for it. Recognizing that a multi-generational personnel roster is crucial to a productive workplace, he is involved with many organizations that deal with the issues of human resources. Jeffrey Quade’s experience in helping others prepare for acquisition smoothly and seamlessly has benefited many corporations throughout his career. Jeff Quade possesses the ability to recognize and comprehend the small, important details of a company while examining its processes, technologies, and people. Jeff Quade earned his Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Western Kentucky University and his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Psychology at the University of Wisconsin. His specialties include cost containment, succession planning and retention, as well as executive recruitment and staffing.
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